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What Symptoms Does Ketamine Infusion Relieve?

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Conditions like depression, PTSD, and CRPS can eat away at your family and work environments until your quality of life barely resembles the energized existence you enjoyed before. When your symptoms are finally controlled, you will feel a sense of freedom you’d forgotten you ever had. Your earning potential will rise, and your social life will open up to hundreds of rewarding possibilities.

Ketamine infusions won’t necessarily rid you of all your pain, but for most patients, it brings significant relief. This isn’t because it’s a mood-altering drug. In fact, the dosage administered at a ketamine infusion clinic has a sedative effect, but the true changes take place after treatment.

What to Expect

Your first infusion might not bring you a dramatic change. Most patients experience peak relief after their second infusion. Even if you experience a total remission, it will take time to rebuild, so be patient with yourself.

A sudden lack of familiar symptoms can feel surreal. In the past, you had to limit your activities, so in many ways, you were living only half a life. Only a third of those with chronic back pain, for example, perform all the daily activities they need to.

After ketamine infusion treatment, you’re unlikely to experience a tsunami of joy. Rather, a marked absence of symptoms tends to take you by surprise. You might be surprised to find yourself functioning, and then notice that you feel motivated for the first time in a long time. These breakthrough moments should be used in therapy to help you sustain a new, healthier way of life. At the very least, they give you hope in renewed function. Building off this hope could change your life.

Quality of Life

Quality of life means different things to different people, so it’s easier to describe a symptom-free existence as functional. A functional life is one in which you can engage with the people and activities around you fully. You’re able to create and have the health to enjoy recreational activities. Your memory is clear, so you’re better able to learn. You feel motivated and capable of living your life.

A functional life isn’t always a happy one, but it’s difficult to be happy with a dysfunctional life. Health is a treasure chest full of wonderful things like resilience and a sense of peace. Learn more about how Ketamine Infusion can help you get the life you deserve.

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