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What Causes Depression?

Depression Treatment

Depression is a mental illness that requires close monitoring and observation. There is no overnight treatment for this condition as a treatment for depression may take months or even years. Cases continue to rise, and unfortunately, only about a third of them will seek help or treatment.

Knowing the cause of one’s depression helps in the road to recovery. There is no single cause of depression; it may be a combination of many things or triggered by a significant event. Here are a few common factors that are involved in developing depression:

Family History

Genes play a significant role in depression as this condition may run in the family for generations.

Stress and Trauma

Depression may be stimulated when changes happen in a person’s life. These changes may vary from starting a family to death.

Health Status

Some medical conditions, especially serious ones like HIV or cancer may start a depression. Being depressed may make conditions worse as stress weakens the immune system.


Certain medications can trigger depression as these drugs alter the chemicals in the brain. Ironically, these medications are often used to treat depression and only end up worsening it or have side effects that worsen it.

Psychological Disorders

Mental conditions such as bipolar disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and especially substance abuse are often associated with depression.

If a person who isn’t treating their depression can perform well in society, it often means that they are very good at masking what they are truly feeling. Unable to express oneself may increase the level of the condition, and it may grow more severe. This makes one’s mental state unpredictable, and symptoms may arise when least expected.

Ketamine Infusion Center is committed to treating depression at its source and providing fast and effective results through safe and professional ketamine infusions. Talk to one of our experts about hope for your depression today.

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