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The Future of Medical Multitasking with Ketamine


It seems that every few years, medical science attempts to outdo itself by introducing or rebranding a new “wonder drug”. These medications are often multitasking miracle workers that can solve multiple problems depending on the dosage. An example might be aspirin, which can relieve pain, control fevers, thin blood, and even reduce the severity of heart attacks.

With so many medical conditions still ineffectively treated with current methods, it’s not surprising that doctors and scientists are always looking for more efficient ways to treat patients. Whether it’s chronic pain care, mental health treatment, or some other long-term concern, introducing new medicines and methods is often the key to a door that may have once seemed closed.

Ketamine – The Future “Wonder Drug”?

Initially introduced over half a century ago as a surgical anesthetic and sedative, ketamine may be the next multitasking “wonder drug” to step into the spotlight.

Extensive testing in the last few decades has shown ketamine to be effective in treating numerous conditions, both mental and physical in nature. From depression to agonizing ailments such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), the drug has been found to help patients cope with symptoms, alleviate pain, and live better, more fulfilling lives.

Since CRPS is a neurological condition that is not caused by a physical injury, the use of a drug such as ketamine is an excellent choice. The drug may actually be able to help the brain reset the way it experiences pain, thus causing actual improvement in the overall condition, rather than just temporary masking or soothing of symptoms.

Still Under Study

Like most medications that are still being studied for their efficacy in treating various ailments, ketamine has a long way to go before it is as readily available as something like aspirin – or even today’s more common opiate pain killers. The medicine is still administered professionally only, under the careful supervision of your Phoenix health care team. However, with such positive results being demonstrated in tests and real-world applications, there may be a time in the not-so-distant future in which this medication will be available in a lower, safer prescription strength – and easier to use for those who might find success with it as a treatment for depression, complex regional pain syndrome, or any other medical condition.

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