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Resolution Goals vs. Lifestyle Changes

Kic Blog 12.28-01

We are wrapping up one of the most challenging years ever, and for many people that means making some resolutions for the new year. Most resolutions are not kept however, because they are goals with no substance behind them. Instead, let’s look at some resolutions that help to establish lifestyle changes for improved mental and physical health. Instead of just making a list and checking it twice, Ketamine Infusion Centers can help you with checking it daily to ensure you stay on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Resolution Goals that Lead to Lifestyle Changes

Achievable and Measurable

First you must be sure to make your goals achievable and measurable. Rather than just saying you want to feel better, make a goal of taking your medications consistently. Rather than a goal of eating healthy, state a measurable goal of monitoring your calories or sugar intake, or how often you will include vegetables and salads into your diet. You don’t want to stress yourself out with unachievable goals, so set small milestone goals that will help you to change your lifestyle a little at a time.

Be Consistent

Develop a daily schedule to manage your symptoms. Take medications consistently and as directed. Develop a healthy eating schedule to ensure you receive proper nutrition. Schedule exercise into your activities daily, even walks and stretches count. You are going to have days when things don’t go right and you do not accomplish your goals, but don’t give up, get yourself right back on track and remain as consistent as possible. Forgive yourself for your shortfalls and get started again. Remember the idea is to develop good lifestyle habits, not just meet daily goals, and habits take time to build.

Celebrate the Successes

Be sure to have short term goals that you can celebrate along the way to your long-term lifestyle goals. This will help you to stay motivated and think positive. Celebrate when you have achieved a full week of consistency in taking medications or exercising, or even two or three days in a row if you have been really struggling with that. Realize that success occurs in small steps, and you must build to the bigger successes. Take credit for the small steps you make along the way to your big goals of a healthier lifestlye.

Seek Help

Remember, there is no reason to face your struggles alone when help is available. The professionals at Ketamine Infusion Centers are there to help with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or even chronic pain. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment with a proven success. Ketamine infusion treatments can help you to accomplish your small and large goals for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your friends and family are also there to help you, and there are many community support groups, just ask.


Ketamine Infusion Centers wants you to enter 2021 a happier, healthier you, and we will help you achieve your lifestyle changes. Happy holidays and best wishes for success in the new year!

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