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Real Pain Based in the Brain – and How Ketamine is Making the Difference for Patients


For most people, pain has an identifiable cause. You sustain an injury or suffer from an illness and the result is pain that you know the origin of. Because of that knowledge, you can treat the pain – or at least bear it, since you understand why it is happening.

Neuropathic pain is different. This type of suffering is sometimes referred to as pain without cause since it does not require injury or illness. Patients suffering from neuropathic pain often feel hopeless and helpless, as they struggle to find treatment options for pain that they scarcely understand the reason for.

What Causes Neuropathic Pain?

If this type of discomfort is not caused by acute means – such as an injury or the side effects of sickness – then what causes it? Simply put, neuropathic pain is all in the patient’s head – but that doesn’t make it any less real! It is caused by miscommunication between the nerves and brain that can create crippling pain for seemingly no reason. Not only is the pain very real for those who experience it, but it is also extremely frustrating!

Because conditions like neuropathic pain are invisible to others, it can make finding treatment or even support for a patient’s suffering difficult. However, those who experience pain know that it doesn’t matter what is causing it – or not – the suffering is just as terrible!

Today’s Cutting Edge Cures for Neuropathic Pain

Thankfully, there are answers for neuropathic pain. Today’s medical professionals have discovered that drugs long-since trusted for other types of treatments are effective for treating neuropathic discomfort as well – and are using them with increasing frequency and impressive effectiveness to help patients feel better.

One such approach is the use of ketamine. Ketamine is a drug that was originally developed and used as a surgical sedative. It has since been discovered that ketamine has great applications as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and several types of pain disorders. This includes neuropathic pain. Since ketamine impacts the brain directly, it is a potent and very effective treatment for this brain-based type of pain.

Interested in learning more about Phoenix neuropathic pain treatments involving the use of ketamine? Ketamine Infusion Centers has been at the forefront of providing these types of treatments to patients in the Phoenix area. If you or a loved one are looking for a solution to this type of pain that often feels like it has none, give the experts at Ketamine Infusion Centers a call today!

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