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Our Client’s Testimonial

Dorothys Ketamine Treatment


Ketamine infusion treatments at Ketamine Infusion Center has brought hope back into Dorothy’s life. Dorothy had a lumbar fusion years ago and has suffered from chronic pain ever since. Dorothy had many activities and things she used to enjoy doing. She was a counselor and college professor, and was very active in sports, but she has been unable to do anything because of her chronic pain. Even her socializing had been impacted, because it is hard to laugh and socialize when the pain is all encompassing.

Dorothy had not even realized how much the chronic pain was impacting her emotional life, to the point of causing depression. One of the first benefits Dorothy experienced after her first Ketamine infusion treatment was an immediate improvement in her emotional well-being. Further treatments have given her control over her pain and provided functionality, which has been huge for her. She feels she can laugh and socialize again and get out and meet and greet with people. Dorothy says the advantages are too many for her to explain and she can’t count the number of ways it has improved her life.

At Ketamine Infusion Center, Dorothy has found that they care about her and she feels that she is in good hands. Spiritually and emotionally the infusion treatments have changed her life. She is very thankful that research is being invested in the science behind Ketamine treatments and the benefits are becoming well known. It gives her hope that Ketamine treatments have helped her and can help others.

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