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Managing Your Progress After Ketamine Treatments

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Now that you have undergone your initial ketamine infusion treatments you should be feeling relief from your symptoms. Regardless of what condition you were suffering from, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, etc. ketamine therapy provides relief lasts for long periods of time. Now you will need to determine how long the relief lasts for you and when you will need maintenance doses.

The initial induction series of ketamine infusion treatments takes place over the course of 1 to 2 weeks, with 5 to 6 infusions during that time based on your diagnoses. Those initial treatments likely provided you with relief from your symptoms. You and your doctor will together determine what will happen next.

You will need to be aware of any potential symptoms that may recur. You should be feeling much better after your initial infusions and you will want that relief to continue. For some people, that relief from symptoms may last for three weeks, for others it could be 4-5 weeks, or even longer. Responses vary widely between patients, there is no specific guarantee or course of treatment. The goal is to stay ahead of the symptoms therefore you would be scheduled to come in before relief depletes.

Ketamine Infusion Centers provides individualized ketamine therapy, so your doctor will work with you to determine a plan that offers relief of your symptoms. Your treatment plan may also fluctuate, this will be based on the relief you are obtaining from the infusions.

Ketamine infusion therapy is designed to maintain the improvement of symptoms that you obtained from the initial loading dose. Patients can successfully maintain their remission with booster infusion over varying time intervals based on their specific needs. Research has shown that a maintenance treatment plan is more successful at preventing relapse of symptoms than repeating loading doses because the patient waits until their symptoms have completely returned. Therefore, it is crucial that patients continue with their therapy and medication management and consult with their doctor to ensure they are on the best maintenance plan for their needs.

Ketamine Infusion Centers is committed to providing individualized ketamine therapy to help you control your symptoms of chronic pain, depression, PTSD, and other conditions. Contact us today to find the treatment plan that works best for you.

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