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Making its Way Home – Infusion Therapy

KETAMINE Making its Way Home – Infusion Therapy

For people suffering from both chronic and acute pain, finding treatment and management options can feel like discovering treasure. There are few options that do not carry serious side effects and risks, and opiate pain relief has often been found to be more dangerous to users than suffering through the pain untreated. How can today’s pain patients regain control of their lives when so many tried-and-true pain management treatments prove to be risky? The introduction of new approaches has changed the way doctors and patients alike think about pain relief.

The Rise of Ketamine as a Pain Reliever

Once used only as a surgical sedative, ketamine has been increasingly utilized for everything from depression and anxiety to chronic and acute pain. The secret is the application itself. Ketamine for pain involves the professional administration of low-dose infusion under medical supervision. This way, adverse reactions are less frequent and quickly addressed, so patients see fewer side effects and more effective pain relief.

Doctors began to investigate the effectiveness of ketamine for pain treatment when the opioid epidemic grew out of control in the United States and across the globe. With fewer medical professionals comfortable with prescribing long-term opiates for pain, it’s easy to see how alternatives like ketamine – when used properly – are growing in popularity for the treatment of both pain and comorbid concerns.

The Benefits of Ketamine for Pain Management

While ketamine has drawbacks like any other pain relief option, it has some serious benefits that far outweigh those drawbacks for individual patients’ situations. The two most important factors in choosing ketamine for many practitioners is that it is both effective and inexpensive. It has been found to be very powerful for the treatment of breakthrough and acute pain, without many of the same symptoms of opioid use. Likewise, it is relatively inexpensive, making it a treatment option that is ideal for patients both with and without insurance who are looking for options for treating their pain.

Bringing Those Benefits Home

All the benefits in the world would be pointless for patients if they were not applicable to the individual’s needs. This is how Phoenix infusion therapy centers are helping those who suffer from chronic and acute pain, by introducing a method of ketamine application that fits both their needs and lives. For more information about how receiving ketamine infusion treatments can help you or your loved one put pain to bed once and for all, contact local experts at Ketamine Infusion Centers.

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