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Ketamine Treatments | Deeper Look

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Let’s take a deeper look at how ketamine treatments work. We know that ketamine has always been used in anesthesia, but let’s look at how used in low dosages it can relieve pain and other symptoms.

Ketamine works on the neurotransmitter receptors that create connections within the brain. Those people who experience chronic pain and depression develop chronic changes within the brain. Those changes result in the neurotransmitters receptors no longer making the proper connections. Ketamine used in low doses can take these brain cells that are not communicating and re-establish connections and communication.

Re-establishing these connections through ketamine treatments allows cells that were no longer communicating to begin communicating, which offers cures for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and numerous other symptoms. It is likened to resetting or reprogramming the brain to function properly.

Ketamine is used to treat behavioral health issues and chronic pain. Patients suffering from treatment resistant depression, major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD, usually receive relatively quick relief. Ketamine therapy is usually offered in 6 treatments over 2 weeks, every other day per treatment. While relief is usually quick, it may be short lived, so patients may return every month or so for a one treatment booster.

The success rate at Ketamine Infusion Centers is above 84%! Ketamine offers positive changes in your life that are so impactful and effective we want to share it with everyone. We studied thousands of patients and determined that by using a particular dosage of ketamine most of our patients found relief in three and a half days. We are a data driven facility, we study our patients and their results and base our treatments on each individual patient and their response, not just based on their weight as some facilities may offer. We also study the lab work of our patients to measure the amount of ketamine in their system and how their body is responding to treatment.

We work closely with our patients’ psychiatrists and doctors to provide them with data tracking exactly how their patient is responding and improving. This allows their doctors to track their progress and outcomes and hopefully reduce any other medications they may be using. One misconception is that ketamine treatments are not covered by insurance. Ketamine Infusion Centers is committed to working with insurance plans to help patients utilize some of the benefits they pay for.

Clinical Director, Sonny Diaz, appreciates that with ketamine infusions he has been able to daily witness patients improving their lives, which is not always a given in medicine. Ketamine changes lives! Call today so it can change yours!

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