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Ketamine Treatment for Your Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment

Ketamine is an effective treatment for people with chronic pain condition. If you have tried other medications or treatments without any success, or you plan to get surgery to fix the problem, then ketamine should be a serious consideration. The treatment helps manage conditions such as cancer, neuropathic pain, pain from a spinal injury, phantom pain, and more.

Administering Ketamine

There are many ways to administer ketamine. Patients can receive the treatment through an intravenous pump, ingest it orally in the form of a pill or have it directly applied to the affected area as a cream or gel. Ketamine can also be inhaled or injected into the bone or muscle. With so many ways to administer the treatment, ketamine can be used in several clinical scenarios. Only a professional should administer a ketamine infusion to ensure the right dosage and that the therapy is effective.

Finding a Treatment Center

When you look for pain management treatments in Phoenix that provide ketamine infusion, choose facilities that have considerable experience in ketamine therapy. That way, you’re certain about the quality of treatment and level of patient care you’ll receive.

  • Consider the credentials. What kind of qualifications does the facility have in the business? How long has it been around?
  • Check its reputation. A background check will tell you a lot about the facility and whether it’s a reputable one or not.
  • Read reviews. What do other patients say about the health center? If there are a lot of complaints lodged against the facility, that’s not a good sign. Look elsewhere.

Asking Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the treatment. Once you find a reputable facility, determine if their program is the right match for you. Does it address your health issues? What will the procedure entail? What can you expect? How long can you expect the treatment to last?

Doing the Math

Check with your insurance provider. Will they cover part of the cost of your treatment? Be sure to ask about any other charges.

Pick the right facility for ketamine treatment. Get pain management treatments in Phoenix from Ketamine Infusion Centers for exceptional patient care.

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