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Ketamine Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Chronic neuropathic pain remains a mystery to researchers, but evidence suggests that it involves NMDA receptors. Ketamine infusions act as an antagonist for them, so it’s unsurprising that recent trials reveal it as a promising new treatment method. The Cochrane Review found that the anesthetic provided short-term relief in small studies, and Netherlands-based researchers revealed similar results.

Prolonged Infusion

As yet, there’s a dearth of trials looking into the risks of long term ketamine usage, so chronic treatments are off-label and need to be carried out with caution. That said, benzodiazepines can be used to reduce the drug’s psychotropic effects, and close monitoring is essential.

Ketamine and CRPS

A recent meta-analysis of ketamine’s effects on CRPS showed immediate pain relief at a rate of 69%. Three-month follow-ups were almost as effective, so researchers believe infusions are a valuable short term solution. The longer you use ketamine, the higher your tolerance levels climb, so this is a temporary approach for patients who are waiting for other drugs to take effect. It’s also useful for those with refractory pain.

A Combined Approach

CRPS persists stubbornly, even with the help of opioids and anticonvulsants, so there is a dire need for an alternative. Ketamine works for both burning and shooting pain. While other drugs can treat these symptoms, ketamine is the only medication that has an impact on allodynia. It also causes less drowsiness than many other alternatives.

Undoing the Rebound Pain Cycle

Opioids are notorious for creating rebound pain, but stopping them suddenly can raise those levels intolerably. Ketamine can fill the treatment gap, helping CRPS patients to move onto more sustainable therapies.

Neuropathic pain is in dire need of an effective solution. Visit an infusion center today and discover how ketamine is the most powerful NMDA antagonist available, bringing much-needed relief.

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