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Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Back Pain

Pain management doctors in Bakersfield CA

Chronic pain management is constantly evolving due to science’s modern-day understanding of traditional opiate drugs, their effects, and the epidemic of addiction and abuse all over the western world. The ways doctors approach the treatment of chronic pain have seen some major changes over the last few years. Ketamine, a drug once used exclusively for surgery and sedation, is now being used in lower doses and through intravenous therapy to provide safer, more effective chronic pain treatments than previously been available.

Ketamine Infusion for Pain Management

The dose of ketamine that is administered during ketamine infusion treatments is significantly lower than that which is administered to patients undergoing anesthesia. This eliminates the risk of dissociation that is common with higher doses of the drug. It also lessens the “high” associated with use. 

The point of introducing ketamine into the bloodstream is to provide stimulation to the brain to create new neurotransmitters that can provide more authentic and effective communication between the brain and the body. This can significantly lessen pain and help the brain learn to decrease the sensation of pain over time.

Ketamine Therapy for Back Pain

Many Pheonix patients who suffer from chronic back pain, are seeking pain management treatments. Even when an injury is the cause of this pain, it can continue and even worsen with no apparent physical cause. This can make managing pain difficult since it seems impossible to avoid the triggers or causes of the discomfort.

Ketamine Infusion Centers of Phoenix provide pain management treatments using low doses of ketamine to retrain the brain to help patients experience less discomfort and regain more mobility and overall function. Ketamine has also been shown to help with depression and other mood disorders, which are commonly seen in patients who are also suffering from chronic pain

This makes ketamine an ideal solution for those who have tried many other approaches and had little success, or those who are looking to treat multiple issues with a single technique.

Like every other treatment technique for chronic pain and mood disorders, ketamine does have side effects and risks. For more information about these – and to find out if ketamine is right for you – talk to the staff of your local infusion center today. Contact Ketamine Infusion Centers today.

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