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Ketamine Infusion for OCD Symptoms

Treatment for OCD

Depression and other mental disorders are more common than you think. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to treat, especially with the conventional medication treatments available in the market. Aside from having limited effect, they are also slow to take effect thus prolonging the agony of the patient. Ketamine, on the other hand, is fast acting and has proven to be the best alternative, especially if patients don’t respond well to anti-depressants. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the mental conditions that can be treated with ketamine therapy.

What is OCD?

People diagnosed with OCD often feel anxiety even when there is no reason to, which may cause them to experience distressing thoughts that compel them to perform obsessive or compulsive actions, such as keeping everything symmetrical, cleaning in a specific way, or showing perfectionistic behaviors. After completing these activities, they may feel temporary relief from their anxiety, but it usually does not last long. And, so the cycle just repeats itself until the individual comes to a point where they feel like their behaviors and thoughts are no longer their own. Anxiety is often the underlying root cause of OCD, so the treatment usually involves decreasing anxiety.

The Role of Ketamine IV Therapy in Treating OCD

While conventional treatment for OCD, such as therapy, talk therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral, and medications, help manage the symptoms of OCD, many patients do not want to use SSRIs for long periods of time because they might become dependent on the drug. They also do not wish to suffer from the adverse side effects of anti-depressants. Ketamine infusion therapy has become an attractive alternative to SSRIs over the years for those suffering from anxiety, OCD, and other mood problems. Low dose ketamine infusion therapy helps lift low moods and anxiety, thus eliminating obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior.

After completing a series of ketamine infusion treatments, you may want to follow through with exposure therapy as this helps regain healthy brain function. It can also help you create healthier rituals to cope with your everyday life.

Ketamine Infusion Centers to the Rescue

OCD is an exhausting condition to live with. For many, this condition strains their relationship with friends and family. Here at Ketamine Infusion Centers, we understand your needs, and we value your safety and overall well-being. That’s why we always ensure that all treatment for OCD are performed in a safe clinical environment in Phoenix.

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