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Ketamine for Behavioral Health Treatment During the Holidays

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As the holidays approach many people get excited and look forward to the joyful season. For others, the stress of family commitments, high expectations, and the commercialization of the holidays leave them feeling the “holiday blues.” The key to getting through the holidays is managing the stress and seeking help for your anxiety, depression, or addiction. Ketamine Infusion Centers offers help in ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of the holidays.

The “holiday blues” can involve stress, fatigue, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, financial stress, and family (either missing them or the stress of some family dynamics). Depression and anxiety during the holidays are exacerbated by all these factors. When depression is not being treated, or medications are not helping, the symptoms such as lack of energy, substance abuse, and avoidance of social interactions make the holidays even harder than usual. Ketamine infusion treatments can relieve mental and behavioral health symptoms and help you feel better for the holidays.

Ketamine Infusion Centers provides treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. Treatment with ketamine infusions administered in a safe and closely monitored environment is an effective therapy for all these mental and behavioral health issues. These treatments are not addictive and can produce lasting results that can be felt after just one treatment. If you begin now you will see a significant improvement in your symptoms and have time to enjoy the holidays.

Tips to Help You Control Stress and Anxiety During the Holiday Season

  • Budget Your Time and Your Money

You will have numerous invitations and commitments for the holidays, so prioritize your time by setting a schedule of which activities you will do and send your regrets to the others. Do not over commit your time by accepting too many invitations, or your wallet by buying too many or too expensive gifts. Commitments and presents are the two highest stress triggers during the holidays, so if you set a budget for both you will be on the right track to enjoying the holidays. Don’t forget to include time for sleep, exercise and other healthy habits.

  • Realize That You May Need Help

Reflect on yourself and your needs for the holidays. Pay attention to your symptoms and know that any mental or behavioral health struggles will likely be more severe during these stressful times. Seek help for treatment, don’t suffer the “holiday blues.”


There are some advantages to beginning ketamine infusion therapy during the holidays. Taking time off work to begin ketamine therapy is not necessary but getting out of your daily routine can help you to relax, relieve stress, and focus on your recovery. Also, you may have family with some free time at the holidays to provide a support network for you, helping with rides to appointments or just keeping you motivated and focused on improving your health.

Ketamine infusion therapy with Ketamine Infusion Centers may not resolve all your symptoms immediately, but just a few infusions will dramatically impact your life and allow you to enter the new year with a positive outlook. Contact us today to get started on your behavioral health treatment and on the road to recovery before the holidays.

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