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Ketamine as a Pain Management Treatment Option

Chronic Pain Treatments

For those suffering from chronic pain, the number of available treatment options can seem very limited. Opiate drugs carry both risks and stigma, while other methods may be ineffective in both the short-term and the long-term. Thankfully, new approaches are constantly being tested – and one has shown recent promise in pain relief and management applications of numerous types.

That approach is the use of ketamine, and its turn as a pain management drug has the entire medical industry taking note.

Where is Ketamine Currently Used?

Ketamine has numerous applications, all of its on-label uses relating to sedation and pain relief. Originally designed as a surgical anesthetic, it is still most commonly found in these types of settings. Some of the most common uses of ketamine include:

  • Diagnostic procedures that might cause discomfort and anxiety, such as procedures performed on the eyes, ears, nose, or throat
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • Dermal procedures such as skin grafting
  • Dental extractions and other minor surgical procedures

Ketamine is also commonly used in veterinary medicine as a surgical anesthetic and sedative.

There is promising research that has shown that ketamine could also be used to treat non-acute ailments, such as chronic pain and even mental health concerns.

Ketamine for Pain Management

The same chemical activity in the brain that makes ketamine a potent and effective sedative and anesthetic for acute scenarios and surgery can be used for treating long-term pain.

While ketamine is a powerful anesthetic in the doses that are administered for surgical purposes, it can be given in smaller doses to alleviate current pain and potentially help manage future issues. This is because ketamine works on a chemical level in the brain to “rewrite” the way we experience pain. This means that those suffering from conditions that are neurological or which have no physical trigger or injury to treat may find relief in ketamine as an alternative to short-term opiate drug use.

For more information on ketamine pain management treatments in Phoenix, contact the local experts at Ketamine Infusion Centers.

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