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Ketamine – A Promising Solution for When Opiates Fail


Dealing with chronic pain can be difficult. Regardless of the source of your pain, it can feel as if there are few options for relief – and even fewer that aren’t stigmatized. While opiate medications may be used with success in some patients, others do not tolerate them well. Worse yet, many patients do tolerate them well – too well – and become addicted.

What can be done to offer these patients pain relief and management assistance? What kind of chronic pain treatments in Phoenix are best suited to these sufferers? For many, the answer may be ketamine.

Promising Potential

There are many reasons to consider ketamine as a viable alternative to opioid drugs. First, ketamine is administered differently than these drugs. This means that there is less potential for abuse. Since ketamine therapy is used exclusively in-office, patients have less access to the drug for street use and abuse, keeping patients and those around them safer. Ketamine dosing is also more strict, meaning that there is less margin for error when using the medication.

Ketamine also works differently in the brain than opiate medications, making it more effective. Since ketamine actually blocks pain reception in the brain, it is more powerful and can be used for managing pain for everything from chronic conditions to surgical interventions.

Who is Ketamine Best For?

As with any medication, the risk and potential side effects of ketamine mean that it isn’t suitable for everyone. Given that it has been used for over 50 years as a heavy sedative and surgical drug also means that it isn’t suited to every application, especially at higher dosages. This is why the use of ketamine is only legal under strict medical supervision.

However, the medication is extremely effective in the management of chronic pain in patients who have long used opiate medications and become tolerant to them – or those who otherwise find opioids to be ineffective. If this describes your pain management, it may be time to talk to your health care provider about the potential of ketamine in your scenario.

For more information about Phoenix chronic pain care using ketamine, talk to the industry experts at Ketamine Infusion Centers. They can guide you toward choosing the right approach for treating your chronic pain – and help you regain control of your life and wellness through today’s most promising treatment methods.

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