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How Ketamine Fights Neuropathic Pain

KETAMINE How Ketamine Fights Neuropathic Pain

Dealing with neuropathic pain can feel like a continuous, uphill battle. Because of the epidemic of opiate drug abuse in the United States and other countries, many doctors no longer prescribe these medications, even for serious, long-term pain. While this prevents the side effects and risks associated with the use of these drugs, it leaves many patients with no option for pain management treatments.

It’s All in Their Head – But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Real

Many critics of pain management science argue that neuropathic pain conditions are not true pain disorders. They contend that the pain is not real because there is no identifiable source. However, the source of neuropathic pain is identifiable – it just happens to also be in the mind of the patient.

Neurotransmitters – which are responsible for communicating sensation and feeling all over the body – are the culprit of neuropathic pain. These transmitters are misfiring, telling the brain that the body is experiencing pain and sending that sensation of pain to multiple areas, despite no injury or illness being present. This causes pain that is very real for the patient, but which may be difficult to treat because of the lack of obvious cause.

Ketamine – a New Solution

Phoenix neuropathic pain treatment options are growing, but not in the way that many people might expect. Access to traditional prescription pain medicine is shrinking as the government tightens regulations on the use of these drugs. However, ketamine is offering a new approach to pain relief and management to patients dealing with neuropathic pain disorders.

Ketamine Infusion Centers of Phoenix offers neuropathic pain treatment for those battling the ongoing, unidentifiable pain of these conditions. Ketamine infusion is performed under medical supervision and may be made more affordable through insurance or through financial assistance programs. Since patients are monitored and given low-dose infusions while on site, risks associated with the use of this drug are much lower than they otherwise would be – and patients often continue to reap the benefits of these treatments for days or even weeks afterward.

For more information about ketamine and infusion therapy, contact your nearest infusion therapy center. Ketamine Infusion Centers is here to offer you hope.

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