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Dr. Christopher Ray

Dr. Christopher Ray, M.D.

My mother, Linda Ray, was truly my inspiration for going into medicine. Her commitment and dedication to patients and medicine provided me with a very clear path for my future. As a child I remember her stories being so intriguing and I would paint each of them on a mental canvas only wishing I could see it happen. My greatest gift in life has always been analytical thinking and problems solving so a career in medicine turned out to be a very logical fit.

After graduating from Wharton High School in 1991 I studied chemistry, math, and biology at Texas Southern University on an academic scholarship. In college I learned the most important reason of being there was to lean how to teach myself verses being taught. I graduated with honors in 1996 before matriculating into medical school.

In the fall of 1996 in begin my medial school education at the University of Texas at Houston. This would turn out to be the busiest four years of my life. What I learned during this time was to master the art of time management. Every successful student must learn how to drink water from a fire hydrant as opposed to a water hose. As I prepared to conclude my education I chose a career in the field of Anesthesia. Since the Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world it was only logical to stay in Houston and continue my training. I love the fact that I get to actually do something with every single patient encounter. As anesthesiologist we relieve pain and anxiety, we comfort patients and families, and even assist pregnant women in bringing their children into this world without pain.

After completing my residency in Houston, I moved to Phoenix, AZ to join a private practice anesthesia group. Within two years I became the president of Desert Canyon Medical Associates and led a 10-physician group that worked at two hospitals and one surgery center. I remained with this company for five years before deciding to make the boldest move of my career. I resigned from the practice and started Ambulatory Medical Associates (AMA), a mobile-based anesthesia company, which performs all types of anesthesia cases that are done outside of the hospital. With the success of AMA we opened up AMA-CO, another office-based practice, that was based out of Denver, CO. Due to our movement and transport of large amounts of controlled substances we became the 1st anesthesia company in the US that was a dual DEA distribution company and wholesale pharmacy as well.

With the success of these two businesses I began the biggest project of my life. I began creating an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for anesthesiologist. The application allows for doctors to care for patients faster with the use of an iPad or any web enabled device. The project took three years to complete and was released on the market in 2014. AnesthesiaOS is the culmination of a career in medicine along with analytic and creative talents. I still function as the Chief Technology Officer for AnesthesiaOS with the primary responsibilities of overseeing the design of the application interfaces, new client demos, and planning for new customers. As I transitioned back into medicine from IT I focused primarily on outpatient care and sedation for pain management. This allowed me to work with PainStop at the anesthesia medical director and Optim Health Group and owner and medical director as well. Due to the high exposure to pain patients who continued to suffer from debilitating pain despite interventional procedures I opened Optim Ketamine Clinics to assisted patient with Depression, CRPS, and PTSD. Ketamine therapy offered a promise of relief to patients whom otherwise felt helpless and at the end of their rope. With the growth of Optim Ketamine Clinic we chose to join forces with Ketamine Infusion Centers and use a synergistic approach to not only reach more patients but to begin performing clinical studies using the data from Ketamine infusions performed by our clinic as well as others. I’m currently supervising the design and creation of a Ketamine infusion application that will be used by our patient and will be made available for other clinics at almost no cost at all.

A few years ago I was in online podcast with Dell Healthcare and at the end of the session a gentleman from their healthcare vertical asked me why would I want to go back into clinical medicine. I told him my passion in life was to help patients transition thru a challenge in life. That challenge might be surgery, the delivery of a new baby, a minor procedure, or even a life event that is treated with one of our infusions that changes their perspective on their condition and gives them hope for the future.

Restoring Hope

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