Does Music During Ketamine Infusion Treatments Have an Effect on My Experience?


Having ketamine infusion therapy treatment is a pleasurable experience. You will comfortably relax during the treatment in a safe, quiet environment. While you will not lose consciousness, most people describe the experience as a pleasant out of body experience. The dissociative effect is what helps people to experience the underlying effects that may be leading to their depression or anxiety from a safe and different perspective. The goal is for your brain to experience a safe, happy place while it is remapping and healing. You will be relaxed but aware during this therapy session and will feel invigorated and refreshed after the experience. Most people feel the effects of the treatment immediately.

Music can influence people emotionally. Some music can make you feel happy and excited and encourage you to move. Other music can leave you feeling very mellow and introspective. Music that is tied to important moments in your life can invoke intense emotion. Because music is a powerful tool in impacting emotions, it is also a powerful tool to use with ketamine infusion therapy.

Adding music to a ketamine infusion treatment can make the experience positive, while helping to reduce any chance of a negative experience. Music that invokes meditation and relaxation is ideal for ketamine infusions. People will choose a wide variety of music that helps to relax them, for one person that may be classical music, for another it may be soft rock, for another it may be waves and nature sounds. The idea is to choose something that helps you to feel serene and peaceful. The disassociation feeling is enhanced by the music and helps you to experience the root causes of your depression or anxiety from a safe, mellow perspective. Noise-cancelling headphones and a blindfold can help you to relax and enhance your sensory experience which increases the effectiveness of your ketamine infusion treatment.

There was a study completed with 80 participants that exposed half of them to music during ketamine used as an anesthetic during minor surgery procedures lasting less than 45 minutes, to see if there was any impact during the time when they were emerging from the anesthesia. The study group that listened to the music had 23 out of 40 report dreaming pleasant dreams, with no reports of any unpleasant experiences. The control group, that did not listen to music, had 10 people report unpleasant dreams. The control group also had 10 out of the 40 state that they would not ever do a similar anesthesia because of how unpleasant it was, while none of the study group said they would refuse a similar anesthesia. These study results demonstrate that music provides a more positive experience with ketamine.

Following your treatment, it is recommended to relax with music for at least a half hour in our treatment room until you are ready to leave. Some people report that listening to the same musical play list days later will bring back some of that peaceful, dissociative feeling they had during their treatment, which can be helpful in reprogramming their brain.

Ketamine Infusion Centers is committed to providing you the most positive experience possible with your ketamine infusion treatments. Our ketamine therapy for mental health treatment is available in Bakersfield, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Our mental health specialists will develop an inclusive treatment plan to help you deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, addiction, and trauma. Call us today to get started on the road to mental wellness.

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