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Depression and Self-Love

Depression and Self-Love

Major depressive disorder affects more than 16.1 million Americans. Those numbers represent about 6.7% of the U.S. population. Loving yourself when you have depression can feel impossible. It takes time, discipline, and practice. Here’s how you can learn to slowly love yourself again, even with depression.

Nurture Yourself

Depression tells you to not take care of yourselves. It lies and says you aren’t worth a shower, a meal, a jog in the park. All the things depression convinces you aren’t important are lies. Taking care of yourself is absolutely necessary.

Acknowledge the Difficulty

Listening to the well-intended but false advice of “it’s all in your head” will not help. Acknowledge that fighting depression is hard. It feels nearly impossible sometimes. Attempting to minimize your depression will only make you feel worse when you struggle to care for yourself.

Consider Your Needs

Identify what you need—grocery shopping, paying bills, walking your dog, etc. That includes checking out treatment options that may work for you. Treatments for depression in Phoenix can and will help you fight depression. Don’t battle this condition on your own.

Don’t Dismiss Your Pain

Depression and chronic pain are linked. Sometimes chronic pain leads to depression and sometimes depression leads to chronic pain. Yes, your mental pain can turn physical. This is the reason so many are turning to ketamine infusion in Phoenix. Ketamine fights both depression and pain.

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine infusion is making waves of progress for depression and pain. Ketamine is the only solution out there that delivers immediate results. Those who have been unsuccessful with every other treatment out there are finding hope in ketamine. For treatments for depression in Phoenix and chronic pain care in Phoenix, contact Ketamine Infusion Centers today. Live better now.

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