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Continued Uncertainty in a Pandemic


We are all living in very uncertain times. No one really knows how long this pandemic will continue to impact our lives, health, finances, and even our social dynamics. Depression or anxiety over the future can mentally impact anyone, so developing some tips to deal with the uncertainty is helpful. Ketamine Infusion Centers is committed to providing their patients with options to help them to focus on a healthy lifestyle free of stress and anxiety. In addition to Ketamine infusion treatments for depression and anxiety, there are several self-help tips for dealing with the uncertainty that is overwhelming all of us during this pandemic.

Know What You Can Control

There are many things that you cannot control that are happening with the pandemic right now, but there are also many things you can control. You must focus on the things you can control and respond to those. For example, you cannot control whether your employer closes the business, or lays you off due to the pandemic, but you can control your search for other employment. You cannot control the spread of the virus, but you can mitigate your exposure through hand washing, social distancing and surface cleaning. Focus on the things you can control, not on the things you cannot control.

Control Your Exposure to Stressful Information

The news media increases their viewing audience by showing chaos and division. Limit your exposure to news stories, social media discussions, and anything else that is a constant reminder of the world being in a bad state. Be informed, but do not obsess over it. The more you continually inundate yourself, the more stressed and anxious you will become. Set limits of how much time you will allow yourself to be exposed to potentially negative information, and then focus on other things that help you to relax and make you feel good.

Set Goals to Accomplish

The more chaos that is going on around you, the more important it is to focus on individual goals; especially if you do not have the distractions of work right now during the pandemic. Set personal goals to fulfill, small and large. Focus on the present and set your goals short term when you are dealing with uncertainty. Each day try to focus on accomplishing some specific task and allow yourself to celebrate the feelings of accomplishment that come with completing those tasks.

Check in with Yourself

Take time each day to check in with yourself and see how you are feeling. Be aware if you are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety. Know if you need to take action to address any mental health issues you may be experiencing. If your feelings of depression or anxiety are overwhelming and interfering with your ability to complete everyday activities and tasks, then ask for help. You cannot ignore the mental health symptoms of depression or anxiety and expect them to just disappear. Face your feelings and share your concerns with others who can help you.

Establish a Support Circle

You are not in this pandemic alone, and you are not the only one feeling anxious over the uncertainty of our future. Having a support group, you can talk to during these difficult times is crucial. This may mean that you reach out to structured therapy groups, but do not forget about your personal friends and family. Having a friend or family member that you can lean on for support can help get your mind off the pandemic stress.

Ketamine Infusion Centers offers mental health treatment. If you are experiencing overwhelming depression or anxiety during these uncertain times, then contact them for help. The mental health specialists at Ketamine Infusion Centers will develop an inclusive treatment plan for helping you to deal with any mental health issues that are triggered by the pandemic. Do not hesitate to call.

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