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Chronic Pain – is it All in Your Head?

Chronic Pain - is it All in Your Head

It’s not always clear what causes chronic pain. Some patients who suffer from the condition find that the cause of the problem may remain unknown. Sadly, that’s not a unique case. About 25.3 million American adults experience chronic pain. Finding the cause can be a frustrating process for the patient, their family, and doctors.

Is the Pain All in Your Head?

With no clear diagnosis in sight, it can be easy for other people to dismiss the pain patients feel or to believe it’s all in the patient’s head. If you have a loved one who suffers from chronic pain, keep in mind that all pain is real and must be addressed with chronic pain care.

Psychosomatic Pain

In some cases, the pain may be psychologically driven. This often asks the question of whether or not pain is less real if it’s not physical pain or pain that can be proven by x-rays and exams. The answer? There is no difference. All pain is regulated by the brain. You feel pain because your nerve fibers are sending messages to your brain that says you’re in pain.

Chronic Pain and the Brain

Chronic pain is a condition that occurs long after the injury has healed, or the recovery time is done. However, in these cases, the wound or tissue doesn’t heal in the way that’s expected, so your nerves still send messages to your brain, telling it that you’re still in pain. That’s what happens when people suffer from chronic pain. Over time, though, your nerves become much more efficient at sending these signals, which means more pain for you. The pain-causing neuro-transmitters increase until a less intense stimulus can cause the nerve to discharge and send the same signals.

Treatments for Chronic Pain

There are plenty of chronic pain treatments out there. With traditional medications only able to dull pain signals in the brain, patients who suffer from the condition find more benefit in using low-dose ketamine infusions. The dose works to reboot neurotransmitters in the brain. That results in a positive effect on a patient’s central nervous system, which is essential to pain relief and recovery.

If you or your loved one is in need of chronic pain care in Phoenix, learn more about it when you contact Ketamine Infusion Centers.

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