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Causes of Neuropathic Pain


About one in every three Americans suffer from chronic pain, and out of that number, one out of five have neuropathic pain. Those who suffer from this condition often feel a shooting, burning pain which may often be constant or may happen at random times.

If you think you have this condition and you’re wondering what caused it, read on.

Three Factors to Know

Neuropathic pain is another type of chronic pain condition. It usually occurs with an injury, infection or disease. However, it’s not a direct result of any of these three factors. With neuropathic pain, sometimes there is no event or injury. The pain can spring out from seemingly nowhere, with no cause. In this case, the body sends pain signals to your brain without any prompting or trigger. However, there are common causes believed to be responsible for the condition.


Any injury to your muscles, tissues and joints can lead to this problem. But an injury to your leg, hip and back can also lead to lasting damage to your nerves. That said, while the injury itself may heal, the damage it caused to your nervous system remain. That’s why even if the old injury heals, you’ll find yourself plagued with the pain for years to come.


Phantom pain is another form of the condition and can happen as a result of having your leg or arm amputated. The amputation doesn’t stop the pain signals from coming to your brain. As a result, the nerves near the amputated site misfire and send faulty signals back to your brain, resulting in the discomfort and pain you feel.


The condition can also be a complication of several types of diseases or it could be a symptom of them. The diseases include multiple sclerosis, multiple myeloma, cancer, and others. There’s also a link between the condition and diabetes.


People with infections can experience unexplained pain as well. For instance, those who suffer from a syphilis infection or shingles.


These are just some of the common causes of the problem. For neuropathic pain treatments, one that has proven effective is ketamine infusion. Known as an anesthesia drug, results show the profound relief it can bring to patients.

If you seek neuropathic pain treatments, make an appointment at Ketamine Infusion Centers today. Call us to find out more about how we can reduce your pain much faster than traditional treatment options out there.

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