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Can Ketamine Help Me?

Kic Blog 4.27-01

Many people suffering from mental health symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, etc. try numerous variations of medications and psychotherapy seeking help and relief from their symptoms. Unfortunately, medications for these symptoms usually only work in about 30% of individuals and have multiple side effects that negatively impact their lifestyle. That makes looking for other treatment options very appealing. Ketamine is one option that over 75-80% of people find works for them and relieves their symptoms.
Think about it, a treatment option that has little side effects and short-term ones at that, so they don’t impact your lifestyle. A treatment that provides results for most people. Relief from all of those symptoms that are negatively impacting your life. Hope!
Ketamine treatments offers all this and more! Ketamine Infusion Centers provides Ketamine treatments that are tailored to your individual need. Ketamine repairs neuron connections within the brain, a typical cause of depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. For most patients (70%) this relief from symptoms occurs after just three treatments if not sooner. Three treatments; not three months, like most medications for mental health symptoms.
So, what do these treatments look like and how often do they happen? That is all going to depend on each individual, their needs, their health history, how they respond to treatment, etc. But let’s explore at a typical treatment schedule to get a broad idea of how it works.
Jason has been suffering from depression and tried numerous depression medications with little to no relief from his symptoms. His psychiatrist encourages him to try ketamine infusion treatments. Jason contacts Ketamine Infusion Centers and they schedule Jason for his evaluation the next day.
Jason arrives and the experts at Ketamine Infusion Centers conduct an intake process including evaluating his full health history, complete with records from his psychiatrist. A personalized treatment program is designed for Jason that begins with 6 infusion treatments, three times per week for the next two weeks. Each treatment will last about an hour and he will remain in recovery observation for 30 minutes, then he will need a supervised ride home with someone he knows. Jason schedules his first treatment for the following day.
Jason arrives the next day for his first infusion treatment. He sits in a quiet, cozy room at Ketamine Infusion Centers as the medical provider at Ketamine Infusion Centers begins an IV. The Ketamine dosage and any additional medication determined during Jason’s intake process are added to the IV. The first infusion will determine how Jason interacts with the medication and if he needs any adjustments.
Jason feels some slight disorientation and airiness with enhanced hearing and touch sensations and blurred vision. He is surprised to feel completely relaxed throughout the process. About 10 minutes after the treatment ends all the disorientation, and enhanced senses are gone and he is left feeling relaxed. He leaves with his friend and is told to return in two days.
Jason completes his first 3 treatments and tells his provider that he is not feeling any of his typical symptoms of depression. The provider explains that Jason will need to continue the remaining treatments because Ketamine will gradually build up in his system and help to prevent his symptoms from returning. After Jason completes his 6 sessions, he is encouraged to return in 4 weeks for a maintenance treatment of one infusion and will be monitored long term to see how he is metabolizing the medication and whether he needs additional maintenance treatments depending on his symptoms.
Not all patients have the same needs, treatment schedule, or reactions as Jason, but his typical case provides a glimpse of the Ketamine infusion treatment process to help you decide whether Ketamine may help you. Call Ketamine Infusion Centers and give it a try! We provide hope for your future.

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