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Bridging the Gap Between Medical Providers and Ketamine Clinics

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Ketamine infusion treatments for pain, depression, anxiety, etc. is still a relatively new healthcare treatment option that some medical providers have minimal experience with. A better relationship must be built between medical providers and ketamine clinics that will benefit patients and provide viable options for treating their symptoms by collaborating to create an optimal, all-inclusive treatment plan.

The evidence is available showing the effectiveness of ketamine treatment therapies. Ketamine clinics must educate doctors about the research and clinical data available showing that infusion treatments are a valuable tool to add to a patient’s treatment plan. Clinic staff must ensure that medical providers understand that Ketamine infusion treatments are not a replacement for existing mental health services, they are a supplement to psychotherapy treatments. If treatment is being sought for pain, ketamine can be a reliable option with continued medical review.

Treatment of the whole person is always key to long-term success when managing mental health issues. Medications can be beneficial, but psychotherapy treatments are also crucial. A partnership between medical providers and ketamine clinic staff must consist of open and constant communication while recognizing the importance of the treatment options each provides. Ketamine infusion treatments are merely one tool in the box, although it is an important tool.

Patients must have confidence that an overall treatment plan is established between their medical provider and the ketamine clinic staff. This confidence will allow patients to comfortably seek treatment and ask questions of all providers. Ketamine Infusion Centers offers a more complete service than many ketamine clinics because they offer a team of psychiatrists and anesthesiologists to customize treatment plans. Rather than a patient having to deal with two separate entities that may not recognize the importance of each other’s treatments, they are offered a cohesive medical team that understands all aspects of their needs. Medical providers can be confident when referring their patients to Ketamine Infusion Centers that they will receive the proper treatment and that their doctors will work closely with the referring provider.

You are screened before beginning treatment to gauge the state of your mental health and determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment. A personalized treatment plan is put into place to manage your unique needs. You are also monitored to determine whether the treatment is effective in relieving your symptoms and plans for continued or adjusted treatments.

Collaboration between mental health providers and anesthesiologists provides the most successful ketamine treatment benefits. Ketamine Infusion Centers provide help and support from both to provide you with the safest, most effective treatment available from experienced anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals. Call us today to get started.

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