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Are There Treatments for OCD?

Treatment for OCD

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when a long-term uncontrollable habit becomes obsessive. Since it is uncontrollable, it sometimes hinders a person’s daily activity. Being unable to stop yourself from doing something over and over again becomes very frustrating. Getting treatment for OCD will help control these urges. You may be unable to control your thoughts and compulsions, but what you can control is the decision to get help and get treated.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the most effective treatment for OCD as the condition is characterized as a cycle of obsessions, anxiety, compulsions, and finally, relief. As a type of psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you not react to your unhealthy urges and habits. The primary goal for CBT is for your negative thoughts to become productive ones.

Exposure and Response Prevention

A specific type of CBT is the Exposure and Response Prevention. You will slowly be introduced to the things that trigger your anxiety. The therapy will allow you to respond better to them. ERP is done by a licensed psychologist, social worker, or mental health counselor and is done in an outpatient setting. An outpatient setting means that you set up an appointment with your licensed mental health professional and you visit them at an agreed number of times. This can be done one on one, or you may have family members that you trust there.


SRI or serotonin reuptake inhibitors are also used to treat OCD and are some of the most effective ones. These are prescribed by the licensed mental health professional as you work with them to strategize a treatment plan. When ERP and SRI medications work together, they become your first line of treatments. Other medications may be prescribed by your doctor depending on a couple of factors like health status and symptoms. OCD drugs may take a few months before any significant effects are felt and observed.

Medications, however, often come with unbearable side effects. Ketamine Infusion Centers offer fast and effective treatment for OCD in safe, professional medical settings. Ketamine treatment fights OCD without the unwanted side effects. Speak to one of our experts about ketamine infusion for your OCD today.

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