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A Link Between Depression and Chronic Pain

A Link Between Depression and Chronic Pain

Living with constant pain can wear you down and it can affect the way you live and your perception of life. When you’re in pain, that could lead to depression. In some cases, though, it happens the other way around. When you’re depressed, that can lead to pain.

Either way, as the pain worsens, it can aggravate the depression you feel. More depression, then, will lead to even more pain, creating a vicious cycle and the need for chronic pain care and depression treatments.

What is Chronic Pain?

The term refers to pain that lasts much, much longer than expected from an original injury. If your pain becomes chronic, that could be caused by high levels of stress hormones in your body. It can also be caused by muscle pain, mood disorders, and mental as well as physical performance that’s lower than normal.

What Can it do?

When you suffer from chronic pain, you get more sensitive to pain. That means you may start feeling pain in areas that used to feel fine. Also, chronic pain can keep you awake at night, disrupting your rest and compromising the quality of your sleep. That can lead to pronounced irritation throughout the day, poor concentration levels, and loss of focus. These qualities will render you ineffective at work. That can add lead to or heighten the depression you feel.

Why Does it Happen?

Why is chronic pain linked with depression? Consider the way stress works in the body. When you’re in pain, this fires up areas in your brain that respond to stress. Your brain puts the body in a fight or flight mode to fight off whatever is causing the pain. Those stress signals turn off when you get normal pain. When you have chronic pain, though, the signals keep firing and your nervous system is in constant alert. That results in too much stress and wears your body down. When that happens, you’ll find yourself much more prone to depression.

How to Get Help?

If you suffer from chronic pain and depression and you aren’t quite sure anymore which condition came first anymore, seek out help. Look for facilities that offer both chronic pain help and treatments for depression. With treatments designed to address both of your conditions, you have a better hope for the future.

Know more about depression treatment and chronic pain care when you talk to us at Ketamine Infusion Centers.

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