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8 Foods that Fight Chronic Pain in Diabetes

Chronic Pain Care

Diabetes patients may encounter chronic pain, but they can also beat it. Doctors can recommend foods that lessen diabetes-related pain. Let’s explore eight diverse options.


Due to their low Glycemic Index rating, berries may already be in a proactive diabetes patient’s diet. Berries counter inflammation and cartilage loss, which play roles in chronic pain. Blueberries are especially strong inflammation fighters.


Beets can benefit diabetes patients in multiple ways. These phytonutrient-rich root vegetables reduce inflammation. They also improve circulation by dilating blood vessels.

Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, the chronic pain care Phoenix diabetes patients need can come from a rich treat. Dark chocolate with a minimum 70-percent cacao concentration is antioxidant dense. This concentration reduces inflammation and lowers blood sugar.


Phoenix-area diabetes patients seeking nearby pain solutions should visit a supermarket’s produce section. After all, fresh broccoli boasts high vitamin K levels. Research suggests this vitamin combats 14 pain-related inflammation triggers.


Fish can aid patients’ pain-reduction goals by supplying good fats that lower inflammation. Wild salmon’s good-fat content eclipses that of other types of easily available seafood.


Some studies rate ginger’s pain-stopping potency as equal to aspirin’s. Rich in antioxidants, ginger also helps people who frequently encounter nausea.


Like ginger, turmeric is a spice. It is also a key ingredient in curry dishes. Importantly, one study found turmeric more effective versus pain than patented arthritis medications.

Green Tea

Pain-battling patients can gain more than refreshment from green tea. This popular beverage also contains inflammation-stifling catechins. In fact, all tea varieties possess catechins. Green tea simply enjoys the highest concentration.

Of course, some Arizonans fighting diabetic pain may need professional intervention. “Will you please recommend a pain-treatment specialist near me?” a local resident might ask their doctor. At At Arizona’s Ketamine Infusion Centers, one finds an example where professionals provide chronic pain care Phoenix doctors might choose when a diabetes patient has altered their diet and requires stronger pain-reduction options and restored hope.

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